7 Top Tips To Raise Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Success Starts HereFinish your profile page to 100% complete.  Include a photograph!
  1. Lavish key words & phrases into every one of your profile & job description scripts.
  1. Use 50% of your 3,000 invitations to connect with others who have more than 500 connections.
  1. Sign up to a minimum of 45 of the 50 groups available to you.  Participate as appropriate but not sales pitches.  You can, however, introduce yourself to the group.
  1. Ensure you have a minimum of 3 recommendations listed on your profile page. If you do, you are 3 times more likely to be found via LinkedIn search listings.
  1. Review your Profile Page monthly or every 2 months. To keep it fresh, make a adjustments. Maybe rework your Headline?
  1. Use the search bar to connect with people from your industry sector that are not competitors. Not all at once.

Assisting New Start Ups

stock-photo-9258249-palm-with-a-sapling-growing-from-pile-of-coinsIn the past 13 years, I have counseled/coached thousands of people seeking to start a business.What I have learned: That even if they never start the business, they have appreciated the encouragement and support as well as an honest, forthright discussion. They appreciated my not just dismissing them or talking at them and over their head,  but engaging them in a good conversation. Interestingly, some come back years later and are ready to try again or they just want to say thank you for helping them make a good decision.


In my mind that is what it is all about. Helping them to see clearly and not jump out unprepared and then see a failure.  Do not discourage   them even if you think it is a crazy, unattainable idea.  Help them to discover that for themselves.  Be positive while showing things they really need to think about.  Be friendly, show you humanness, do not try to fit them into a “program” or “process” initially.  And last of all:
LISTEN!  Understand! Think!  There is no “cookie cutter” way to starting a business. Each person and business is unique.  Hope for each and everyone to be successful.

Asking the right kinds of questions to increase your business

iStock_000002859598SmallHave you considered using the Who, What,  When, Where, Why and How that reporters use in developing a stratgic plan for 2014?  Or are you even thinking about a strategic plan?  Asking these questions can make the process so much easier.

Another important item is Goal Setting for an answer to the “When”.  Setting a date or dollar amount is establishing a commitment to accomplish the Goal.

Strategic Planning for your business as we go into 2014

810055_thumbnailI have posted to SlideShare a PowerPoint program I recently did on Strategic Planning for 2014. Check it out as you are planning for 2014. I sure hope you are planning as it will be an interesting year on many levels. Markets are changing, prices are going up, unemployment is stagnant, and businesses are being cautious. We are not out of of the woods yet so being financially cautious and smart will be the way to go.

Let me know if I can assist you thru any part of the process.

Trudy Phillips

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